How the program works

Many of our students have grown up near the film industry, but to them, it couldn’t feel further away.
We help open the door and bring it within reach.


Over the course of the program, our students learn about the many elements that go into creating a film. They attend hands-on workshops, visit major film and television sets, and meet with A-list guest speakers. It culminates with the production of their own short film, which focuses on a social issue that they’re personally affected by.

The Journey to the Screen

RS_Program_Icons_1 Concepting

1. Concepting

First, the students work together to decide what issue they want to focus on, and develop the idea for their film.

RS_Program_Icons_2 Screenwriting

2. Screenwriting

Once the idea has been chosen, students work with a professional screenwriter and producer to create a first draft of a script, then revise and rewrite it.

RS_Program_Icons_3 Set Visit

3. Set visit

Students get to visit the set of a union film or television shoot for a firsthand look at the production process. Throughout the day, they meet with cast and crew members to learn about their specific roles.

RS_Program_Icons_4 Production Workshop

4. Production workshops

Established industry professionals teach the students about Production Design, Costumes, Cinematography, Lighting and more. The lessons include hands-on time with production equipment and demonstrations from some of the best in the business.

RS_Program_Icons_5 Production

5. Production

Students pick production roles and go into pre-production with an experienced film director.
They shoot their film in one day with help from a volunteer team of industry crew members and talent, often including some well-known names.

RS_Program_Icons_6 Editorial

6. Editorial

The students work with an established Hollywood editor to complete the film, learning the basics of film editing as they hone in on a final cut.

RS_Program_Icons_7 Premiere

7. Premiere

Once post-production is complete, we plan our premiere screening. The students get to experience all the trappings of a real Hollywood premiere: A red carpet photo session, pre-show refreshments, and a catered after-party where they meet major players from the film industry.

Who participates?

The program has taken place at LA School of the Arts and the John C. Fremont High School in Los Angeles, and in Toronto at The George S. Henry School as well as Rene Gordon Health
and Wellness Academy. All 11th and 12th graders at those schools are invited to apply.

Help us open the door.

When you donate, you’re giving our students a platform so that the world can hear their stories. It’s the first step towards creating meaningful change, in their own lives, their communities,
and the world beyond.