Give new voices a voice.

Reel Start is a non-profit that educates, inspires, and empowers youth to change their world through film.

Our Films

Every Reel Start film is about an issue that matters to our students. The story belongs to them. We give them the tools to tell it.


Peppermint Spiral

A high schooler confronts an intimidating, ghastly creature while facing his family’s high academic expectations. As the pressure becomes overwhelming, Angel starts a dangerous path towards relief, rather than asking his loved ones for help.



A teenager finds goes on a mindbending journey through social media when she finds herself trapped inside the ‘Gram. Overcoming toxic influencers and her own online persona to return to the safety of the real world.


Tree’s Blood

When Elveria, a self-absorbed eco-influencer, livestreams loggers to bolster her brand, she is confronted by a mystical creature who is desperate to save the forest she calls home. The two strangers come together and are forced to put their egos aside to save both humanity and the forest.



A Latino immigrant puts everything on the line to attend his daughter's championship volleyball game.


New voices matter.

Cinema thrives on new perspectives. By giving our students a platform, we’re pushing film forward, as both a creative medium and force for social change.

The Storytellers


Reel Start 2019

“We reflected on our own experiences. We looked at how today’s society is,

and said ‘Let’s shed some light on it.’”


Reel Start 2019

“The program gave me a taste of what it’s like to make a film from beginning to end.
I want to make more now.”


Reel Start 2020

“Reel Start allows more kids like me to express what we’ve been through and open people’s eyes to something new.”


Reel Start 2019

“It’s all about showing people what they can’t see. I feel like it’s my purpose.”


Reel Start 2020

“I’ve really liked being a production manager. I really love the process of guiding everybody. “


Reel start 2020

“I love the writing process. You can go anywhere with it.
The idea is always expanding and getting better.”


Reel Start 2020

“We came together and shared our own stories and ideas.
Reel Start gave us the stage to amplify our voices.”

The Organization

To see a student find their passion in front of you is an indescribable feeling. Our goal is to help our students discover that spark within themselves, and understand that their stories can change peoples’ lives, change society, and even change themselves. These kids have so much creative passion and energy. We’re here to help guide them, so that they walk away from the program knowing that there’s a place for them in the film industry.

-Evan Goldberg and Adrienne Slover

Let’s write a great ending.

Your donation means more opportunities for students to tell their stories, learn new skills, and discover the power of filmmaking.

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